ERCO LED Lighting Control

Control properties of LEDs

The optimal switching and dimming of LEDs makes them ideal for integration in electronic lighting control systems such as Light System DALI LEDs are completely switching stability and capable of hot restart, it can be infinitely dimmed from 100% to 1% – to no ill effects properties light colour and colour reproduction or life as with other lamps. Therefore, most of the ERCO LED lighting tools is also available as Light Client, i.e. with DALI-compatible control device available. The combination of individually addressable luminaires, powerful software and a variety of interfaces for switches and sensor combines with Light System DALI stenographic lighting with efficient visual comfort.


The brightness of LED lights can be adjusted continuously. With the master dimming, the Light Changer can also regulate a selected light scene in their overall brightness. Unlike other bulbs, colour temperature and colour rendering remain constant with LEDs.

Colour Temperature

Light Clients with RGBW LED module appear in Light Studio with attribute vary chrome 4-channel. With the corresponding slider in the software enables the colour temperature over a wide range infinitely variable.

Coloured light

For DALI-compatible luminaires with varychrome technology / for step less RGB colour mixing with the Light Studio/ is provide a comfortable and familiar colour wheel control. It provides an intuitive and interactive selection of light colours and relieves the user from the tedious entry of separate levels for the individual colour components.

DALI plug and play

Every Light Client, i.e. every DALI-compatible ERCO luminaire receives a digital code at the factory in the DALI control gear. The luminaire ID contains the article and serial number for the special comfort features for commissioning, programming and operation of the Light System DALI: The Light Studio software recognizes the type of luminaire and provides the relevant information and functions.

Control of varychrome rings

The Quintessence recessed luminaires with varychrome rings are designed for convenient control over Light System DALI. Main light and varychrome ring form in this type of lighting two lighting systems, each with its own DALI control gear. Light the lamp as a client but has a factory encoding with a unique glow-ID, allowing the Light Studio software can automatically detect the light as a unit and clearly summarized.

The light colour of the colour wheel by varychrome ring can be easily adjusted in the software and make a few clicks to program dynamic characteristics.