LED Lighting – Exterior lights

There are a wide range of LED lighting options available for a home exterior. Below are just a few of the available options.


Floodlights with axially symmetrical light distribution are primarily used for general lighting, especially during power outages or at night. The angle of the lights ensures are a broad visual field.

Facade Lighting

Vertical surfaces in the city contribute significantly to the formation of constricted spaces. Based on information from the psychology of perception, we know that facade lighting, mounted on the outside of buildings, plays an important role in opening up space, especially at night. Different cladding types require specific lighting concepts to highlight the qualities of the architecture. However, before adding facade lighting, it is recommended that you consult a professional to determine whether the cladding on your building can support the lighting. For example, if you are trying to put facade lighting on your home, siding experts, including the folks at Meredith roofing, can help you to determine whether facade lighting will work with your home’s siding.

Bollard Lights

While bollards are normally thought of within the context of building security, they are also an important lighting feature. They can simultaneously provide security and lighting for walkways and roadways. Typically, bollard lights are designed to radiate light toward the ground to illuminate roadways and pathways without generating any glare.

Recessed Lighting

Architectural features such as atriums, cantilevered roofs, tunnels or bridges require lights on the ceiling but may not have the space for the lighting to hang down. In this case, recessed lighting, or lighting that is built into the ceiling or wall, is the lighting option of choice. This is more difficult than normal hanging lights, but is sometimes necessary when space is limited.

Hanging Lights

If space is not a problem, then hanging lights, as opposed to recessed lights, are a good option. These are easier to install because they have only to be attached to the ceiling, whereas recessed lights require you to create space within the wall or ceiling to fit the light. Hanging lights are a good option in homes with vaulted ceilings or in gymnasiums.

Floor lights

Ground lighting is an excellent choice in a dark hallway, movie theater, or garden area. The key is to keep the light from radiating upward because this can create glare for whoever is nearby rather than providing illumination. Instead, you want to install lights that glow more dully or that radiate laterally.